How Disposable Gloves Reduce Waste Production

Over the last 6 months Eagle Protect has saved a staggering 253,250 lbs or 127 tons of glove and packaging waste from landfills, simply by switching our customers to better quality, thinner gloves. This has resulted in a subsequent reduction of..

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Can Disposable Gloves Increase Food Waste?

Around $161 billion worth of food is estimated to be wasted each year in the US, according to the USDA. This is a staggering 133 billion pounds of food wasted and estimated to be 30-40% of the US food supply.

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Phthalate & Accelerator 101

What they are?

Phthalates are a family of inexpensive chemicals that can be used in the production of disposable gloves. They are primarily used to make polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or vinyl products (including gloves) more flexible and harder to..

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Top 5 Glove Issues Solved

1. Ripping

Ripped gloves defeat the whole purpose of wearing them! Whether it’s when you’re using them or when you are putting them on, a glove that rips is useless.

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The Un(der)-Regulated Threat to US Food

A recent presentation by Barry Michaels at the Food Safety Consortium in Chicago highlighted an unregulated and high-risk zone to the US food industry - disposable gloves and their manufacturing processes.  

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The True Cost of a Disposable Glove

Disposable gloves and clothing are frequently an afterthought and “just add them to the cart” items because a company needs them. Often suppliers don’t know or don’t care about these products, where they came from or how they were made.

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What is Nitrile?

What is nitrile? We get asked this question a lot. Simply put, nitrile (nitrile butadiene rubber) is a synthetic, latex-free rubber.

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Eagle Fingerprints Gloves to Further Verify Food Safety

Quality matters, so does price. Variabilities in price between similar products exist for several reasons:

  • Cost & quality of ingredients
  • Manufacturing standards
  • Potential effects of these products, and packaging, on our health
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3 Reasons to Buy From a B Corp

We are proud to be a B Corp!

According to B Lab, Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

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Eagle Gloves Support Menus of Change Initiatives

Universities are overhauling their food systems. The Menus of Change® (MOC) initiative is “the business of healthy, sustainable, delicious food choices.” Kudos to The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health for..

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