COVID-19 Pandemic: Prevent Glove Related Cross-Contamination

With the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the effectiveness of your glove’s barrier protection has never been more important to help prevent cross-contamination. Wearing disposable gloves alone does not necessarily prevent the spread of..

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US Bans Glove Imports Due to Labor Violations

Labor rights abuse in disposable glove manufacturing is regularly reported, the repercussions of which have now resulted in the US banning the import of gloves from a large Malaysian glove manufacturer, WRP Asia Pacific. Under US law, it is..

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Why Gloves Can Contain Fungicides

You would never use a glove with a fungicide in it, right? Well you might. Thiurams are accelerators that can be used in glove manufacturing to help the process of vulcanization - this makes a glove stronger and more elastic. Thiurams are also..

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Why New Gloves are Contaminated

New and unused disposable gloves should be clean, you shouldn’t expect anything but! However, large varieties of bacterial contamination of new and unused single-use gloves have been tested for in scientific studies. Results showed gloves were..

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Dirty Gloves Linked to Food Spoilage

Manufacturers selling gloves that state they are compliant for food handling are not required to check for bioburden or toxicity of the glove either at the factory or on entry into the US. Disposable glove manufacturing is largely unregulated...

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The Unregulated Food Safety Risk You Need to Know

Eagle leads the US glove industry in the supply and scientific research of disposable gloves which have not, until recently, been considered a food safety issue. However, ongoing scientific research continues to highlight an increasing number of..

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The Un(der)-Regulated Threat to US Food

A recent presentation by Barry Michaels at the Food Safety Consortium in Chicago highlighted an unregulated and high-risk zone to the US food industry - disposable gloves and their manufacturing processes.  

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The True Cost of a Disposable Glove

Disposable gloves and clothing are frequently an afterthought and “just add them to the cart” items because a company needs them. Often suppliers don’t know or don’t care about these products, where they came from or how they were made.

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Vote with Your Purchase Power. Vote B Corp!

Following on from the recent midterm elections in the US, the global B Corp community has launched the “‘Vote Every Day”’ campaign, encouraging businesses and consumers to vote with their values. From choosing the snacks in your break room, to..

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Eagle Fingerprints Gloves to Further Verify Food Safety

Quality matters, so does price. Variabilities in price between similar products exist for several reasons:

  • Cost & quality of ingredients
  • Manufacturing standards
  • Potential effects of these products, and packaging, on our health
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