Why Purchase Responsibly Sourced Disposable Gloves?

Returning to China after 9 years - from sportsman to supplier...

My last visit to China was as an athlete at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Fond memories of an outstanding event in a magnificent city came flooding back. However, some..

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Proud to Be Child Labor Free Certified!

Eagle Protect is extremely proud to now be Child Labor Free certified to Manufacturing level, for a specific range of our products.

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It's Time To End Labor Rights Abuse

Five children walking to work, while two attend school

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Glove Fraud? Don’t be Fooled.

Have you ever purchased an item only to realize it’s not quite what you thought it was? What happened? Were the packaging claims misleading? Did you make assumptions about the product without verifying they were accurate? 

Food Fraud, defined as..

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Does a Disposable Glove = Food Safety? No.


Recent articles, including Foodbeast.com, have stated that wearing gloves may be one of the most effective ways to spread pathogens in a food service system. When using inferior food service gloves with no specified AQL, we couldn’t agree more!..

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Why Medical Grade Disposable Gloves Are Essential For Food Safety

Examination (medical) grade disposable gloves are produced for non-surgical medical procedures. However, because of their superior quality, examination gloves are now being used in many other industries, including food processing and handling.

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Are You Paying for Cheap Glove Fillers?

Manufacturers use a list of raw materials when producing disposable gloves. It’s similar to a recipe used when baking. The raw materials determine the quality of the gloves produced. If the “ingredients” are altered or changed, the performance of..

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Disposable Gloves Risk Assessment Tool

Businesses have business risk, it’s inevitable. But why have more than necessary? Purchasing, food safety processes and quality controls can either increase exposure to or mitigate these risks. It’s difficult to reduce the likelihood of a..

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The Economics of Proper Food Safety Glove Selection

There are 21.5 million food workers in the US, making it the single largest employment sector in the country. 14 million of those workers are included in “food service” categories, meaning direct food handling is part of their day-to-day job..

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Do Cheap Disposable Gloves Save You Money? Answer: No

Cost is always a factor in any purchasing decision. With products such as disposable gloves and PPE, there has previously been little reason to think beyond the price.

Do you know why some gloves are cheaper than others? In this article we..
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