Sustainability Matters to Consumers

Sustainability matters to us at Eagle Protect. In fact, it is one of our three values of providing products that are certified safe, ethically sourced and environmentally better.

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Vinyl Gloves - Protection or Poison?

In response to PVC’s toxic threats, governments and corporations all around the world have passed policies to phase out PVC and switch to safer, healthier PVC-free products.

We explain below the implications of PVC and its adverse effect on both..

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Are You Paying for Ripped Food Contact Gloves?

Price matters. Any financially responsible person knows this. But what else should be considered when sourcing a product, in particular, a food safe disposable glove?

Often unit price is the only consideration, and very little emphasis is placed..

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How to Save Waste & Disposal Costs (AND Improve Food Safety)

300 billion disposable gloves are manufactured globally each year of which 45 billion are estimated to be used in the global food industry (BMA 2016), and after use are disposed of into a landfill. Many food handling companies now have..

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New Pollution Laws In China Raise Prices on Vinyl Gloves

Will new pollution laws in China affect vinyl glove cost? Could customers, focused primarily on glove price, be forced to buy nitrile gloves instead?

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Do You Purchase Vinyl Gloves? This Infographic May Surprise You!

Share this infographic to your purchasing department! There are things about vinyl gloves that should be considered during the decision of what disposable gloves to purchase. 
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Why Disposable Nitrile Gloves are Gaining Popularity with Food Processors

Often the use of vinyl gloves is historical and price driven - your customer has always used them or their supplier always recommended them.

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Eagle Protect 2015 Food Safety & Sustainability Report

We believe in transparency at Eagle Protect, and want to make it easy for people to see what we are doing and why. As a result we have created our annual Sustainability Report for 2015 which you can view here.

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Eagle Protect's Brand Story

Watch our short video explaining our brand story, strong values, important mission and quirkiness that we are proud of!

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