Alternatives To Latex Gloves - avoiding skin allergies

Historically, latex gloves have been used in the medical and dental industries because of their superior dexterity and tactile feel, especially for surgical work. However, these can be problematic with practitioners and patients, or any glove wearers, with latex allergies.

As an alternative to latex gloves, the nitrile disposable glove was first developed around 15 years ago, offering latex-free properties to those intolerant or allergic to latex. Initially, nitrile gloves were thick and less dexterous than their modern counterparts. But with new technology manufacturing and developments in raw materials, nitrile gloves are an excellent alternative to latex gloves - thin yet durable, with dexterity rivaling that of latex. 

However, nitrile glove allergies can also pose problems to the glove wearer. Cheap and toxic raw material ingredients, which reduce glove manufacturing costs, can also cause occupational skin disease (OSD) such as contact dermatitis. The number of gloves used in the US healthcare system has increased dramatically during the past 30 years, with gloves one of the most frequent causes of occupational allergic contact dermatitis, especially in healthcare workers. Glove contact allergies are primarily caused by accelerators added to speed up rubber vulcanization during glove manufacturing. 

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, one case of OSD can cost an employer approximately US$3,500 in workers' compensation claims, resulting in an average of about 24 days of disability. Therefore accelerator-free nitrile glove options are essential, especially for workers wearing gloves for most of their day. 

Eagle Protect’s accelerator-free disposable gloves - Derma2 nitrile exam gloves and Sensitive nitrile gloves - offer the wearer superior barrier protection, especially when prone to skin allergies and irritation. Both are LOW DERMA™ (ensuring low dermatitis potential), protecting the wearer against Type I and Type IV skin hypersensitivity.

No one should have to deal with nitrile glove allergies or skin issues. Contact us for more information on the best alternatives to latex gloves, and how they can benefit you.

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