Are Your Nitrile Gloves Prop. 65 Compliant?

Are Your Nitrile Gloves Prop 65 CompliantAre your disposable food handling gloves Prop. 65 compliant? You would hope so right?

The truth is government regulations, such as the Prop. 65 list of chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, keep evolving and changing.

Did you know 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) was added to this list of carcinogens in October 2017? Why does it matter? MBT is an accelerator used in some nitrile gloves to make them softer and more flexible. Companies have 12 months to either remove the chemical from the gloves or place a cancerous chemical warning on items sold in California.

Think about it. Would you want to wear a glove containing carcinogens every shift? Would you want gloves with cancer-causing chemicals touching your food before you eat it?

Not all nitrile gloves are the same

There’s a lot of science involved in selecting the best disposable gloves for food handling. You know nitrile is a more food safe glove choice than vinyl. But did you know not all nitrile gloves are the same? Purchasing from consistent reputable suppliers with quality control procedures is essential for food safe glove quality and performance.

A great deal of faith is placed in suppliers’ ability to deliver disposable gloves sight unseen. With an end user’s focus often on price, the “ingredients” of a gloves raw material can be unknowingly changed, lack qualification or testing and be produced under unsanitary conditions. To ensure against the change in raw materials during manufacturing, Eagle Protect is introducing a rigorous food safety certification throughout 2018, providing you consistent nitrile glove quality to protect your products and brand.

At Eagle Protect we pride ourselves with staying up-to-date with the latest government regulations and producing protective disposable gloves that meet all food safety requirements.

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