Glove Manufacturer Pricing Increase

The global demand for nitrile gloves has increased 45% since the start of the pandemic, while supply has only grown incrementally. This has resulted in a supply and demand deficit, equating to a shortfall of around 214 billion disposable gloves...

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Proud to be a Certified B Corporation

Have you ever seen the B Corp logo and wondered what the certification means? 

B Corps are a group of over 3,000 for profit global companies, from over 150 industries, who are certified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental..

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Toxic Chemical in Gloves Responsible for Cannabis Recall

Eagle Protect's Fingerprint Glove Analysis Ensures Clean Gloves

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif., Feb. 25, 2021 -- Contaminated single-use gloves were responsible for the recent recall of products from a pesticide free cannabis producer and processor...

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Cannabis Industry: 3 Facts to Consider Before Buying Gloves

When it comes to consumer safety, there’s much debate whether cannabis should be treated as a drug or a food product. With the exception of creams and ointments, many cannabis products are actually food products. Over and above edibles, cannabis..

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Eagle Disposable Smocks are Changing the Meat Industry

There is much debate over the benefits of disposable (single-use) and reusable (washable) protective clothing. Reusable clothing requires frequent washing at high temperatures with potentially toxic chemicals to meet FDA and other regulations...

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Why Covid-19 is affecting Labor Exploitation in Glove Manufacturing

The global demand for disposable gloves due to COVID-19 is putting pressure on glove manufacturers to produce at absolute capacity. Not only is this causing some manufacturers to cut costs and quality standards and sell reject quality gloves, it..

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4 major factors causing glove price increases

The Coronavirus has put extreme pressure on the production and supply of PPE. Disposable glove use continues to rise in the medical and food industries, as infection control measures are more important than ever; while in the industrial, retail..

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StretchPoly Gloves - Economic, Durable & Environmental Benefits

Eagle Protect STRETCHPoly gloves are a solution to the ongoing glove shortages and price increases.  

The global demand for disposable gloves has increased exponentially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with gloves being used as protection against..

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Glove Risks in Your Supply Chain

The upsurge in demand for single-use gloves due to Covid-19 has created widespread concerns of quality and labor exploitation at factories. 

As Coronavirus cases continue to rise globally, and the northern hemisphere stockpiles gloves and other..

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Glove Material Comparison Blog

Disposable gloves are a great way to add a barrier of protection between your hands and what you are handling. This blog (or video below if you prefer) will explain the different glove materials and the differences between them.

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