Top 5 Glove Issues Solved

1. Ripping

Ripped gloves defeat the whole purpose of wearing them! Whether it’s when you’re using them or when you are putting them on, a glove that rips is useless.

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Do FDA Compliant Gloves Protect Our Food?

A recent investigation from the UK shows that our hands are filthy and carry a variety of gut and fecal material. The investigation found traces of feces on every sample of McDonald’s touchscreens swabbed.  

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The Un(der)-Regulated Threat to US Food

A recent presentation by Barry Michaels at the Food Safety Consortium in Chicago highlighted an unregulated and high-risk zone to the US food industry - disposable gloves and their manufacturing processes.  

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The True Cost of a Disposable Glove

Disposable gloves and clothing are frequently an afterthought and “just add them to the cart” items because a company needs them. Often suppliers don’t know or don’t care about these products, where they came from or how they were made.

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What is Nitrile?

What is nitrile? We get asked this question a lot. Simply put, nitrile (nitrile butadiene rubber) is a synthetic, latex-free rubber.

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Vote with Your Purchase Power. Vote B Corp!

Following on from the recent midterm elections in the US, the global B Corp community has launched the “‘Vote Every Day”’ campaign, encouraging businesses and consumers to vote with their values. From choosing the snacks in your break room, to..

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Crowdfunding to Disrupt the Food Industry

Eagle Protect is on a mission to make our world a better place and we can do it with your help. We have started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds that will enable us to expand our impact in the US food industry.

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Bioterrorism & the Food Safety Consortium

International food safety expert and Eagle Protect’s Research Director, Barry Michaels, will be presenting “Approaches to Solving Safety Vulnerabilities in Polymers Utilized in Food Environments” at the Food Safety Consortium. The prestigious..

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Sustainability Gain without Change


One of the hardest things for us to do. Even if the reasoning is justified, even if everyone has bought in. Changing habits can cause resistance.

Have you considered Eagle can make your business more sustainable and eliminate waste..

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2018 B Corp Champions Retreat: What I Learned

New Orleans was the exciting venue for my 5th B Corp Champions Retreat. This annual event brings together 500 or more change makers from across the US and around the globe. All with the shared focus on building business that strive to create a..

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