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Safeguard Your Business With Glove Supply Chain Traceability

Using FDA award-winning technology, Eagle Protect’s clean supply chain guarantees Eagle products are sourced responsibly and are consistently high-quality, protecting their customers’ brand reputation.

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Best Gloves for Harvesting Cannabis

It’s time! You cared, you worked, and you put in the time growing and nurturing your cannabis plants. It’s finally time to harvest. 

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Alternatives To Latex Gloves - avoiding skin allergies

Historically, latex gloves have been used in the medical and dental industries because of their superior dexterity and tactile feel, especially for surgical work. However, these can be problematic with practitioners and patients, or any glove..

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Delta Zero: Protecting you from ‘shitty’ gloves - literally

In Eagle Protect’s groundbreaking research, over 2,800 disposable glove samples (26 different brands) were analyzed for cleanliness. Microbial analysis tested the bioburden on both the inside (skin contact) and outside (food and patient contact) of..

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Derma2 - New glove for sensitive skin & Protection Against Fentanyl

Gloves provide protective barriers against contamination from patients, food and chemicals and are worn across multiple industries.  

In the medical industry, protection from viruses, pathogens and chemical contamination is paramount when dealing..

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2022 Winners Of The Real Leaders Impact Awards

Eagle Protect (US and NZ) is proud to announce that the company has been named a winner in the global Real Leaders Impact Awards. These annual awards recognize the world’s top impact companies who are leading the way in business as a force for good.

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3 Ways Gloves Slow You Down

Efficient teams deliver rapid service and create happy customers. The ideal situation. The wrong gloves can slow workers down, threatening your customer satisfaction. Here’s how:

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Vinyl Is Outdated! Use New Tech gloves

Vinyl gloves, said to be the most commonly used glove for food handling in the US, are facing mounting evidence of food safety risks, including containing toxic plasticizer chemicals. These plastics known as ortho-phthalates, many of which have been..

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FDA Compliant disposable gloves Food Safety Gap

Single-use gloves are outlined by the FDA :

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Verified Gloves Protect Your Organic Certification

Latex gloves are not used to handle food because of latex proteins which can cause allergic reactions, from skin allergies and asthma to serious breathing difficulty. Similarly, you wouldn’t want your food to contain anything that will make your..

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